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Tel Quel

je sais bien mai quand même

Not trying to sound like a nancy but my head right now, is a pulsating piece of crap and I just burnt my fingers again while trying to make tea. I love tea but I’m not the most domesticated person I know, if not a complete kitchen hazard. Today was partly awesome because of a few good persons, and might I add that I’m showing promise in The Tales after I forcefully swept up The General Prologue right after Scott’s class today. “Why is it called Scramble for Africa?”, someone asked. Damn girl, that’s the post-colonial equivalent of asking why the Jewish genocide was termed the Holocaust. Looking at mattrupp‘s flickr makes me feel like I’ve been doing kindergarten art my entire life by comparison. I’m going back to bed (after a four hour nap), my body having the consistency of water-colour right now. Musa acuminata, word of the day.


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